Monday, August 27, 2012

Ranger's Apprentice: the Ruins of Gorlan *Spoiler Alert*

In case you don't already know, my favorite book series is called "Ranger's Apprentice". This blog post is a summary of the first Ranger's Apprentice book: the Ruins of Gorlan.

The first book is called "the Ruins of Gorlan". The main characters are Will: an orphan apprenticed to the ranger named "Halt" to become an Araluen Ranger; Alyss: an orphan apprenticed by Lady Pauline of the diplomatic service to become a courier; Horace: an orphan who joins battleschool to become a knight; Jenny: an orphan who is apprenticed to master Chubb; and George: an orphan apprenticed to the diplomatic service. The book begins with Will and Horace's apprenticeships and the rivalry between the two of them, until the Boar hunt. During the boar hunt, Sir. Rodney of battleschool kills the boar, but unknown to the hunters, there is a second boar who attacks Horace. However, Will sees the boar and shoots it with an arrow, starting an extremely close bond between them. Then, it's time for Halt and Will to go to the Gathering, in which all the rangers come together for one big meeting. That's when Halt, Will, and Gilan -Halt's last apprentice- are givin the task of killing the Kalkara. Can they do this? Find out for yourself!


Rebecca Grace said...

So, who are these apprentices and rangers fighting all the time, besides wild pigs? Do they have an enemy? You know, I can think of another book you read recently that has kids hunting a wild boar... Mwahahahaha! >:-)

Also, what's the Kalkara? It sounds like some kind of gourmet Greek olive. Do the rangers fight olives? Inquiring blog readers want to know.

Grampa said...

Sounds like a good book, Lars. I liked your review.

Anonymous said...

i read series and it is also my favorite!

Anonymous said...

The Kalkara are vicious monsters.. not olives

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