Sunday, August 12, 2012


\Kai was not always a ninja, in fact, he started out as a blacksmith!  In case you are wondering 'who the heck is Kai?', well, Kai is the guy who is on fire in the above picture. Understand? Good. Kai became a ninja when skeletons kidnapped his sister Nya. Kai becomes an NRG ninja when he is trying to rescue Lloyd Garmadon, the green ninja from being incinerated in a volcano. His  power creates a bubble of lava to form around him.


Grampa said...

I must confess confusion and ignorance. Is this a Lego personage? Is he part of a game? What game?Assuming that NRG does not stand for "not really good", what does NRG stand for? If you want to share your world with those of us wh are not really clued in ... you need to do more explaining so we get it ... get it? Glad to see you're continuing to post. Keep it up! I enjoy reading your posts even when I don't understand them.

Rebecca Grace said...

I agree, Lars. If you want to write a post about LEGO Ninjago, you should explain what it is: A trading card game? A toy? A television cartoon? All of the above? I guess that NRG stands for Nordic Rhinoceros Gook. The Viking rhino must have sneezed on Kai when he was journeying to the volcano, and as soon as Kai got hit by the rhino boogers he became an NRG (Nordic Rhono Gook) Ninja. Am I right? ;-)

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